Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boinga, boinga...

...Yes, that is me jumping. Jumping? Yes, jumping...onto this bandwagon of blogging Moms. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I ALWAYS have something to say, so why not blog? Alrighty, I will.

In my blog I'll be sharing about the "messes" in my life...the ones that God has used mightily to either impact my own relationship with Him (and myself) or those that God has used to bring freedom to someone else confined in "Expectation Jail".

Sometimes we have such high expectations for those around us and we lock each person up into their own little cell. Pastors should act this way, spiritual leaders should act another, sinners should act appropriately and so should self professed perfectors. And when you hear that someone has stepped outside of their "Cell", well, there are two reactions...shock or freedom! Have you ever been talking to the woman who looks like she has it all together; beautiful hair, spotless kids, GQ husband and immaculate house, when all of a sudden she starts talking about the piles of laundry on her couch and how she has to clean for days before letting people come over?? You just want to start giggling with FREEDOM right there on the spot! She has just become REAL to you, not someone to be put on a pedestal. Her mess revealed squashed that little cell you had her in and she became human!

Now, there is the flip side, when good and proper expectations are shattered by bad decisions or innapropriate comments or actions. I'm not saying we don't have expectations that are there for a very good reason. But I'll be talking more about the ones that blow your socks a good way!

I like to think that messes are God's way of keeping us grounded. They help us all work together to further HIS kingdom. When we rejoice in our messes, or trials; as the apostle Paul called them, we live out our faith by allowing God to be God and work all things together for His good! So, when put into God's perspective, our messes can bring blessings, not only into our lives, but to the lives around us that are watching how we handle that mess. I've been blessed more than you know by how others around me live out their faith!

So, tell me...What are you doing to bless others with YOUR mess?? And believe me...they ARE watching!


  1. love it! I am embracing the hot mess that I am! Thanks for encouraging others to be the same! Love you, bonnie!